Help Sick Cats


Help A Poorly Cat Today!

KittenThe PDSA (People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals) is the UK’s leading veterinary charity. Each year they will provide nearly 2 million free treatments from an animal patient list of up to 350,000 injured or sick pets – many of which are in a critical state.


The charity receives no government or National Lottery funding whatsoever so they can only continue to run through the generous cash donations or pet sponsorships from animal lovers such as yourself.


For many desperate pet owners the PDSA is the only hope for treating their beloved pet. Pensioners whose only companion is their cat or pet owners who have fallen into financial difficulties can bring their pet along to PDSA centres.


By choosing to sponsor a cat, becoming a member of the PDSA or making a credit card donation to the PDSA you are actively contributing towards the wellbeing of a poorly or injured pet.




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